We would like to provide advance notice of two upcoming training courses in 
Radar Aeroecology. In
these courses, you will learn the practical skills to understand, access, 
visualize, screen, and process
weather radar data for ecological applications and fundamental research.

The first will be a one-day “short course” held in Ede, Netherlands on 1 July 
2018.  The course cost is
€75 and includes lunch and coffee breaks. The tentative course syllabus and 
registration link can be
found here: https://www.erad2018.nl/short-courses/

The second will be a four-day program held at the University of Oklahoma, USA 
on 14-17 August 2018.
Early bird registration is $350 (students), $500 (posdoc/govt), and $650 
(private sector), and includes
two field trips. The course syllabus and schedule can be found here:

Any questions regarding the courses can be directed to Phil Stepanian 

Reply via email to