DIG into Data for the Biology Classroom Faculty Mentoring Network 
(partnered with QUBES and ESA) is supporting participants to attend the 
BioQUEST/QUBES Summer Workshop June 18-23 at Harvey Mudd College, 
Claremont, CA.

Apply by April 13, 2018  http://bit.ly/DIG18FMN

Modify data-driven activities for your introductory biology or ecology 
classroom and be recognized as an ESA Education Scholar!


Funding for the conference registration, dorm housing, and food will be 
provided. Participants are responsible for their own transportation. 
Attending the summer workshop is required for participation in this FMN.

The FMN will continue working together on development, implementation, 
and publication of adaptations of data-driven teaching materials during 
Fall 2018 through virtual meetings. Please visit the Data Incubator 
Group FMN<http://bit.ly/DIG18FMN> website for more details and to apply.


Due April 13th. All faculty are welcome. We encourage participation from 
faculty at diverse institution types and serving diverse student 


Contact Kaitlin Bonner (kbon...@sjfc.edu<mailto:kbon...@sjfc.edu>) or 
Raisa Hernández Pacheco 

Reply via email to