Please join us for the next LTER Synthesis webinar with Forest Isbell and Laura 

Scaling-up Productivity Responses to Changes in Biodiversity
April 12, 11am PDT / 2 p.m EDT


Synthesis group description: 
It seems like a simple question. Does biodiversity loss cause productivity 
loss? Most 
experiments to test the question are done on small plots. Scaling up to natural 
ecosystems introduces complications that could tip the balance toward a 
a weaker—relationship. Drawing on data from biodiversity experiments at 
LTERs and global observational and experimental networks, the Biodiversity and 
Productivity working group asks what role time scales, spatial scales, type of 
experiment, and ecosystem type have on the strength of this key relationship.

Speaker Bios:
Forest Isbell, University of Minnesota
Dr.Isbell is the associate director of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve; 
assistant professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; and 
associate fellow at the Institute on the Environment at the Univ. of Minnesota. 
research investigates the anthropogenic drivers of changes in biodiversity and 
consequences of biodiversity loss for ecosystem functioning, stability, and 
Previously, Forest was the Haines Family Professor of Aboveground Ecology at 
University of Georgia and he completed postdoctoral research positions at the 
University of Minnesota and McGill University. Further information can be found 
at his 
lab website:

Laura Dee, University of Minnesota
Dr. Dee is an Assistant Professor of Conservation Science in the Department of 
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and an Affiliate Fellow at the 
Institute on 
the Environment at the Univ. of Minnesota. Laura’s research falls at the 
interface of 
ecology and economics, addressing climatic, ecological and socioeconomic 
drivers of 
ecosystem services and their sustainable management. Laura completed a Ph.D. in 
Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara and a concurrent M.A. in 
Economics. She completed a post-doc at UMN, examining how climate change 
ecosystem services provided by boreal forests and management strategies to 
those impacts. Laura is also affiliated with the Natural Capital Project at 
UMN. For 
more information, see my website:

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