Quick Carbon at Yale University is hiring field technicians for the summer. 
This is a full-time, paid 

*About Quick Carbon*
Quick Carbon is a research initiative led by the Ucross High Plains Stewardship 
Initiative at the Yale 
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The Quick Carbon team has 
developed a low-cost 
method for rapidly measuring soil carbon across large landscapes at fine 
spatial resolutions using field 
spectrometers. These affordable, pocket-sized devices estimate soil carbon 
using the reflectance of 
soils in the visible and infrared spectra. The inexpensive nature of this 
methodology lends land 
managers the ability to look at impacts of management decisions on below-ground 
carbon at broad 
extents and frequent time intervals. This summer, in collaboration with Noble 
Research Institute, Our 
Sci, Point Blue Conservation Science and partner ranches, the Quick Carbon team 
will further calibrate 
the device across three regions in the western US, including Montana and 

Find out more about Ucross and Quick Carbon at quickcarbon.org.

*About the Position*
Quick Carbon is seeking field technicians to collect field measurements at 
select ranches in WY and MT. 
This is a great opportunity for a student or graduate to gain experience with a 
new technology that 
rapidly assesses soil carbon on working lands. The position will be based out 
of Sheridan, Wyoming; 
however, the tasks involved will take place almost exclusively in the field, 
requiring extensive travel 
within and between ranches in WY and MT.

Field technicians will work in teams of two led by a Crew Lead. Quick Carbon 
will provide onsite training 
for sampling protocol and spectrometer usage during the first week of June. The 
sampling season will 
last three months, from June through August. Field technicians will work 
10-hour days for four days a 
week, totaling 40 hours per week. Field technicians will be paid at a rate of 
$15 per hour. 

*Duties & Responsibilities*
>>Field technicians will collect field measurements including: soil samples, 
>>spectrometer readings, and 
vegetation percent cover measurements, among other data.
>>Collected data will be entered onsite using a mobile application with 
>>bluetooth capabilities and 
synced to the spectrometer.
>>Technicians will be responsible for traveling to sample sites and conducting 
>>fieldwork in a timely 
manner, following the summer sampling timeline. 
>>Technicians will be responsible for daily communication with ranch managers 
>>to ensure that research 
activities are not harming ranch operations.
>>Field technicians will be overseen by a Crew Lead, and the team will report 
>>any delays or issues to the 
project manager.

*Preferred Qualifications*
>>Pursuing or have obtained a B.A. or B.S. in Soil Science, Environmental 
>>Science, Ecology, Natural 
Resource Management, or a related field. 
>>Some experience with environmental fieldwork, including soil sampling, 
>>vegetation identification, 
accurate data collection procedures, and data entry.
>>Able to hike long distances, withstand summer weather conditions for long 
>>periods, and lift heavy 
items (50 lbs.) if needed for field safety.
>>Able to navigate in remote locations using maps, GPS units, etc.
>>Excellent time management, project management, and organizational skills. 
>>Able to follow sampling protocols, stay on task, and work well under time 
>>constraints to meet 
sampling deadlines.
>>Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
>>A track record of maintaining positive relationships with coworkers, 
>>managers, landowners, and 
>>Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and have a clean driving 
>>Must pass a background check.

Please send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three 
references to 
jaclyn.kachelme...@yale.edu. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis 
until April 18th.

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