Starting in January 2019 I’ll be driving from the southern United States
down the western coast of South America to Patagonia, and then back up the
east coast over the course of approximately 6 months.  I am currently in
the early stages of planning this trip and the route is still flexible.  I
am hoping to make this more than just a road trip, and I think that it
could be a good opportunity for low cost, large scale data collection and
ecology research or to test protocols and methods that could be applied to
a larger scale citizen science effort in the future.  Right now I’m looking
for input/ideas/collaborators who would be interested in the data I may be
able to collect on this trip.

Some forms of data I envision being able to collect:

-          Mount GPS-enabled raspberry pi with a CO2 (or other) sensor on
vehicle to create a continuous map of CO2 readings along the trip

-          Aerial Photography by drone

-          Geospatial data collection

-          Acoustic monitoring

-          Various forms of vegetation data

-          Daily camera trap deployment

Possible broad project Themes:

-          Road ecology

-          Plant range/distribution

-          Air/water quality studies

-          Citizen Science

If you have done something similar, have advice, or are interested in this
project please get in touch, thank you!

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