The Greives lab is recruiting motivated PhD students interested in 
participating in research projects 
aimed at understanding how animals integrate environmental signals, time 
seasonal or daily 
transitions, and/or the selective pressures shaping seasonality of temperate 
breeding birds. Specific 
projects can vary based on research interests but may include investigations of 
between variation in endocrine ‘phenotypes’ and daily and seasonal timing (e.g. 
timing of dawn song 
or seasonal clutch initiation), or investigations of the costs and benefits of 
timing decisions (e.g. 
timing of reproduction).  

The PhD student would join a department with expertise in organismal biology, 
ecophysiology, and 
evolutionary ecology, including four established and collaborative avian 
behavior/physiology labs (T. 
Greives, B. Heidinger, W. Reed, P. Klug).  Students will begin August 2018 and 
will participate in 
either the Biological Sciences or Environmental and Conservation Sciences 
graduate program at 

Preferred qualifications include: experience with mist netting, handling and 
obtaining blood samples 
from small birds and/or experience with lab techniques including PCR or ELISAs. 

Competitive stipend funding and tuition waivers via teaching and/or research 
assistantships are 
available. If you are interested in this position please contact Dr. Tim 
Greives at 
timothy[dot]greives[at]ndsu[dot]edu.  Please include in your email your 
research experiences as well 
as your research interests and how these match with research in the Greives 
lab.  Also please include 
your degree, GPA and two potential references.

Reply via email to