Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to our AGU session: B003 Advances 
in the Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

We're particularly keen to welcome abstracts on exciting new RS 
techniques or approaches that advance our understanding of the 
terrestrial carbon cycle, across all scales.

Please see session details below.


Holly Croft
Alemu Gonsamo
Tristan Quaife
Shawn Serbin

Session Title:
B003: Advances in the Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

Session Description:
Despite technical progress in the monitoring and modelling of the 
terrestrial carbon cycle, the spatially-explicit quantification of 
terrestrial carbon budgets remain uncertain. In part, this is because 
temporal and spatial variations in plant phenology, physiology and 
canopy structure are not well represented in most terrestrial ecosystem models. 
Recent advances in remote sensing techniques (e.g. solar-induced 
chlorophyll fluorescence, plant trait mapping), sensor capabilities 
(including the forthcoming BIOMASS and FLEX missions) and an increasing 
archive of legacy observations (e.g. AVHRR, Landsat) offer an 
unprecedented opportunity to forward understanding of terrestrial  
carbon cycle processes, from second to decadal scales. Such advances can 
provide a valuable insight towards assessing the spatial patterns, 
temporal variability and environmental controls on the terrestrial 
carbon cycle and source-sink activities.

We particularly welcome submissions that combine experimental data and 
novel remote sensing techniques with modelling approaches, at all 
observational scales ranging from the leaf to the globe.

Holly Croft, University of Toronto
Alemu Gonsamo, University of Toronto
Tristan L Quaife, University of Reading
Shawn Serbin, Brookhaven National Laboratory

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