Postdoctoral Position: Experienced ecologist specialising in life history

Professor Dustin Marshall is seeking an experienced Ecologist, specialising
in life history theory and with strong analytical skills, to explore
patterns in life histories.  This position will be with the Centre for
Geometric Biology ( within the School of Biological Sciences
at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

As the successful candidate, you will be expected to use existing datasets
to investigate evolutionary patterns both within and across species, but
more importantly demonstrate a strong conceptual understanding of relevant
life history theory and have a demonstrated track record in producing high
quality publications. 

The Centre for Geometric Biology is developing and testing a new theory for
how and why organisms grow. Our particular focus is on how the net flux of
energy (the energy acquired through food, photosynthesis, or chemosynthesis
minus the energy lost to metabolism) changes with size, whether it be cell
size or total body size. We are using a range of approaches and systems to
test these predictions. For example we work on yeast, bacteria,
phytoplankton and animals. We use artificial selection, experimental
evolution, ecological experiments, comparative analyses and theoretical
models, as well as different types of bioenergetics measurements to explore
a wide range of specific questions about organismal growth.

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