Hi all!

Hoping for some feedback regarding road/traffic speed cameras to be used 
in a road awareness campaign for wildlife.

My PhD research focuses on the effects of human disturbance on an 
endangered African canid. One of the many threats to this species is 
vehicular collisions, and one of my collaborators is interested in 
starting a road awareness campaign in the hopes of decreasing this one 
threat in at least one area.

We are trying to determine the best type of camera to install along one 
major road to get an idea of the amount of traffic, whether people 
generally follow the speed limit on this stretch of road, and of course, 
which species are present. He has reached out to the local 
transportation department to ask for their permission/cooperation, 
however, I am curious who else we should contact (i.e., law enforcement, 
other agencies/organizations). I'm sure this differs by state, country, 
etc., but I want to make sure we include all the appropriate parties.

So my primary question is, has anyone used road/traffic speed cameras 
for this, or a similar, purpose, and if so, is there a particular model 
and/or company you recommend? Of course, any additional suggestions or 
feedback are always appreciated as this is my first time undertaking 
this type of project.

Thank you in advance!

Tammy Cloutier
Environmental Studies PhD Candidate
Antioch University New England

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