Funded MSc position (2 years)

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba

Assessing the population genetic structure of resident freshwater and western 
Atlantic sea lamprey populations

We are recruiting an MSc student to explore the spatial genetic structure of 
native western Atlantic and resident freshwater sea lamprey populations from 
within the Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes, and Lake Champlain. Our aim is to 
sample ~30 sea lamprey from ~20 Atlantic and freshwater sites and use 
genotyping-by-sequencing to genotype individuals for this work. The results of 
this analysis will contribute to our understanding of the sea lamprey invasion 
of the Great Lakes system and the management of those invasive populations. 
There will also be the opportunity to develop your own additional research 
questions using these and other available data.

The successful applicant should have an honours undergraduate degree and an 
interest in population genetics and species management. Experience with 
population genetic data analyses will be considered an asset but is not 
required, we can train you in the necessary skills.   You will work closely 
with a postdoctoral fellow working directly on this project and with a broader 
team of professors (Colin Garroway, Margaret Docker, and Ken Jeffries), 
postdocs, and graduate students using genomic and transcriptomic tools to 
address sea lamprey management questions at the University of Manitoba.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions. If 
you are interested in applying send Colin Garroway 
( 1) a copy of your CV; 2) a brief letter (no more 
than 1 page) introducing yourself and outlining your general research interests 
and your interest in this position in particular; 3) email addresses and phone 
numbers for two references. We will arrange Skype chats with the 3-5 best 
matched applicants. Our ideal start date is summer 2019 but we may be able to 
accommodate an autumn start. Finally, if you have made it this far, but are 
looking for a PhD position rather than an MSc, please still get in touch.  We 
may be able to work something out for the right fit.

Colin Garroway
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
tel: (1) 204-4748267

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