Wildland urban interface fires are an important fire and emergency management 
challenge. Research is needed to better define wildland urban interface fire 
risk, model fire behavior in the interface between wildlands and communities, 
understand community and structure susceptibility, and develop and test the 
effectiveness of mitigation techniques to enhance the resilience of Canadian 
communities and fire management systems to wildland fire.

We are seeking a research scientist to work with a multidisciplinary team of 
scientists, technicians, and economists, as well as with fire managers and 
stakeholders in different areas of the country, to develop a research program 
on wildland-urban interface fire, covering topics in fire behaviour prediction, 
fire management operations, or fire risk assessment and mitigation, depending 
on their expertise. A combination of field, laboratory, and simulation 
approaches are expected. 

The position is located at the Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria, British 

The position is open, but is not restricted, to persons residing in Canada and 
Canadian citizens residing abroad. International applicants are welcome. 

For additional details, and to apply online, please visit   
 . The position will be open until January 23, 2019.

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