Hi all:

I started a crowd funding campaign to try and maintain an 80 year old study of 
forest dynamics at Purdue University. It has seen two faculty members over that 
time (both now retired), and I'm hoping to keep it going. It's one of the 
longest ecological studies around. So far, I have been unable to secure funding 
through traditional grants, so I thought I would try a crowdfunding campaign 
out of curiosity. 

The response has been interesting. I have had so much positive support from 
EcoLog, from social media and from colleagues.  Over 4000 people have visited 
the campaign web page!  But, interestingly, only 37 have backed the project.  
If all 4000 put in just $11.50 it would be funded.  Anyway, there are 7 days 
left in the campaign, and it is all or nothing. Either we reach the goal 
together, or we get nothing. 

This will be my last plea to the community. Feel free to share and redistribute 
the links. There are several 'lab notes' on the page with more details about 
the Ross Reserve.  Thanks again for all the support, and for reading this far. 


Gord McNickle, 
Assistant professor, 
Purdue University.

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