I seek a postdoctoral researcher interested in exploring bird migration ecology 
in the context of conservation biology. The postdoc will be based at the 
University of Maryland in College Park, MD, and will be advised by Bill Fagan 

The position, funded by the International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) 
(www.houbarafund.org)), will focus on the analysis of GPS tracking data from 
Asian Houbara Bustards (Chlamydotis macqueenii) monitored in the Middle East 
and Central Asia. These bustards represent one of the greatest success stories 
in the reintroduction of at-risk species.  Tens of thousands of birds are bred 
in captivity each year for reintroduction into the wild.  Over the years, more 
than 1500 captive-bred Asian houbara have been outfitted with GPS tracking 
systems to study their migrations following their release into the wild. 
Hundreds of these have been followed for more than one year. Additional 
tracking data are available from >500 wild birds for comparison purposes. The 
postdoc will use this rich dataset to identify the factors governing the 
migratory performance and survivorship of bustards across their geographic 
range. This knowledge will then be used to inform future captive breeding and 
release efforts. More detailed information on the project is available at 

The successful candidate will have a PhD, likely in quantitative ecology, 
statistics, geography, or a related field. A history of publishing in top 
journals and a demonstrated understanding of advanced statistical methods are 
required.  Prior postdoctoral experience is beneficial, but not required.  The 
candidate should have expertise in the analysis of spatial data, preferably in 
the analysis of animal relocation data and mechanistic movement models. 
Experience in multivariate stochastic processes, hierarchical spatial models, 
machine learning, and/or time series analyses is advantageous. Experience in 
using remote sensing data for habitat and species distribution models as well 
as handling of large spatial databases & GIS software is also desirable. 

The appointment will be for two years. Efforts to secure substantial long-term 
support via collaborative grant proposals will be encouraged and, when 
successful, could lead to appointment at the level of research assistant 
scientist.  Benefits are included and pay will be commensurate with experience. 
The start date is negotiable, but could be as early as April 2019. 

Review of applications will begin 1 March 2019, and will continue until the 
position has been filled. To apply for the position, please email a CV and the 
names and email addresses of three references to:

Bill Fagan
Professor and Chair
Department of Biology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


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