This spring I am teaching limnology and decided I would have the class read
Dan Egan's "Life and Death of the Great Lakes," that he published in 2017.
I decided to find an interview with him that was on PBS, and I stumbled
across him being interviewed on the same topic by the Daily Show (comedy
central).  I don't know how he kept a strait face!  But, this was a really
good way to catch the attention of younger adults who typically watch the
show.  I must be getting old, I don't really watch it anymore! :)
Guess I'll use this as the opening video for the semester!

here is a link for those who are interested!

Malcolm L. McCallum
Aquaculture and Water Quality Research Scientist
School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Langston University
Langston, Oklahoma

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“*Nothing is more priceless and worthy of preservation than the rich array
of animal life with which our country has been blessed. It is a
many-faceted treasure, of value to scholars, scientists, and nature lovers
alike, and it forms a vital part of the heritage we all share as Americans.*
*-President Richard Nixon upon signing the Endangered Species Act of 1973
into law.*

"*Peer pressure is designed to contain anyone with a sense of drive*" -*
Allan Nation*

"...Every time they kick your teeth down your throat in this business, and
believe me, they will, you get right back up and say that to yourself. Hey,
it worked for me and the boys!” John Lennon

*1880's: *"*There's lots of good fish in the sea*"  W.S. Gilbert
*1990's:*  Many fish stocks depleted due to overfishing, habitat loss,and
2000:  Marine reserves, ecosystem restoration, and pollution reduction *MAY*
help restore populations.
2022: "Soylent Green is People!" Charleton Heston as Detective Thorn
2022: "People were always awful, but their was a world once, and it was
beautiful.' Edward G. Robinson as Sol Roth.

The Seven Blunders of the World (Mohandas Gandhi)
Wealth w/o work
Pleasure w/o conscience
Knowledge w/o character
Commerce w/o morality
Science w/o humanity
Worship w/o sacrifice
Politics w/o principle

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