The Institute for Natural Resources at Oregon State University is hiring field 
crews for sagebrush steppe sampling during the 2019 field season. Work begins 
late April and will continue to August or September. The job involves 
vegetation and soil sampling using AIM protocols in various areas in eastern 
Oregon. Field work entails 8 day sampling hitches where we will be camping in 
the areas we will be working. Crews have 6 days off between hitches. Most crew 
members live in Portland / Corvallis / Eugene areas and travel to and from the 
field on the first and last days of the work hitch, but there is some 
flexibility on where you can choose to live.  We are looking for people who are 
familiar with identifying plants, who can handle the hard work of digging soil 
pits and vegetation sampling in the often hash steppe environment, and are 
excited by extensive camping in remote, beautiful areas. The compensation will 
be between $13 and $18 per hour (depending on experience) as well as a per deim 
of around $80 per day to cover food and wear and tear on your camping gear. We 
will be hiring both team leaders and crew members so there are two job 

Bio Tech 1

Please contact me at michael.russ...@oregonstate.edu if you have any questions.


Michael Russell

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