Join us at the 2019 International Association for Great Lakes Research 
conference in Brockport, New York.

Session #27
Ecosystem-Based Management:
Challenges and Opportunities on the Great Lakes' Coasts

This session is intended to explore research themes that will maximize the 
potential of EBM at the regional scale. Topics can range from the purely 
bio-physical, such as understanding the impacts of multiple stressors, to 
entirely socio-political, such as how governance structures and the human 
dimension can influence the implementation of an EBM approach.

Abstract submission deadline is 1 February 2019.

Session abstract: Ecosystem-based management is (EBM) is an interdisciplinary 
approach to management that considers the multitude of interconnected processes 
and the environmental, social, and economic trade-offs associated with 
actionable goals for protection and restoration of healthy, productive, and 
resilient ecosystems. EBM may be particularly valuable in Great Lakes coastal 
ecosystems where multiple interacting stressors of terrestrial and freshwater 
environments come together in a critical socioeconomic realm. Talks discussing 
EBM implementation in the Great Lakes and identifying major scientific 
knowledge gaps impeding the progress of EBM are particularly encouraged.

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