Lindsey Reisinger’s lab at the University of Florida is looking for a highly 
motivated MS student to start in summer 2019 and contribute to a project 
investigating diseases of native and invasive freshwater crayfish and how these 
diseases impact crayfish survival and behavior. 

The project will involve crayfish trapping in Wisconsin lakes, dissection and 
screening of crayfish for disease, and laboratory experiments to test 
transmission of pathogens and how they affect crayfish survival, activity, and 
feeding behavior. Specifically, we are interested in whether native and 
invasive crayfish harbor different pathogens and whether native pathogens could 
be used to control populations of invasive crayfish. This position would be 
fully funded including tuition, a competitive stipend, and benefits for two 

If interested, please contact Dr. Lindsey Reisinger at and 
provide a short statement of research interests, goals and related experiences 
as well as a CV or resume. 

Lindsey Reisinger’s lab is in the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program within 
the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida. 
Project collaborators include Don Behringer and Jamie Bojko at the University 
of Florida.

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