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Position Objectives:
In partnership with Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), GBI is recruiting one 
lead to serve as part of a soil sampling team (one lead and two technicians).  
The overall objective of this soil sampling effort is to collect data at 
locations where habitat restoration projects will be undertaken and at sites 
where restoration is underway.  Restoration project sites are located in 
Wyoming sagebrush, pinyon-juniper woodlands and mountain sagebrush communities 
across northern Nevada.  Restoration projects are focused on wildlife habitat 
including Sage Grouse, Mule deer, and a variety of other species.  Site 
locations include land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. 
Forest Service, and private landowners.  Collected data are used to help guide 
proper treatment design and to provide a baseline data set against which 
treatment effects may be measured.  

General field duties include regular use of best practices for safety, carrying 
heavy equipment while walking long distances over uneven and sometimes steep 
terrain, collecting soil samples with a two-person motorized auger, and 
collecting GPS locations of sampling plots and other plot-specific data.  This 
position will require travel to and from field sites and extended field camping 
to ensure that all sampling objectives are fulfilled during the field season.  
Implementation may require long hours including early mornings and weekends.  
The timeframe for field data collection will generally be 8 days on and 6 days 
off. The schedule during start of season training will be 4 days on and 3 days 
off or 5 days on 2 days off.  Time will also be spent at the NDOW office 
completing training tasks, data entry and potentially lab-related duties. 

Additional duties include:
•       Regular communication with GBI support staff and agency staff;
•       Participation in GBI and agency trainings;
•       Entering data into and managing a database; 
•       Leadership;
o       Supporting and managing a field crew; 
o       Coordinating field logistics and scheduling; and
o       Report writing and completing administrative paperwork

•       Leadership experience, including supervising field crews and managing 
projects simultaneously
•       Ability to carry heavy equipment (approximately 60 pounds) over rugged 
terrain in sometimes inclement weather;
•       Ability to operate heavy equipment and endure strenuous physical 
activity for long periods using best safety practices;
•       Willingness to work and camp in primitive locations with no amenities 
for up to eight consecutive days;
•       Experience in soil science, natural resource management, ecology, 
environmental science, or related field;
•       Ability to navigate and set a bearing using a compass, navigate to 
predetermined locations using GPS, and read a topographical map;
•       Ability to work in a team setting and contribute to a positive work 
•       Willingness and ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic setting; 
•       Valid, state-issued driver’s license and clean driving record; 
•       Experience safely operating 4WD trucks on paved and unpaved roads, 
often in remote areas on unimproved roads;
•       Experience with data entry and management;
•       Experience with technical writing and/or producing written project 
summary reports;

•       Reno, Nevada

        •       $1,360-$1,400 Biweekly Salary
•       $31/night Camping per diem
•       Paid State holidays and personal/sick leave
•       Paid health insurance (medical, dental and vision)

        •       April-October

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