Located 25 miles north of downtown Chicago, the Garden's 385-acre campus 
includes 81 acres of lakes, streams, and wetlands.  Over the past 18 years, 
½-million native aquatic and shoreline plants have been added along 4.5 miles 
of our lakeshore.  These shoreline plantings have been effective in stabilizing 
eroding shoreline soils and enhancing aquatic habitat, and they now serve as a 
research site for scientific study. Most recently, the award-winning North Lake 
Shoreline Restoration Project added 120,000 new plants to our shoreline – visit 
http://www.cbgshoreline.org for more information.  

The Aquatic Plant Maintenance seasonal staff work closely with the Assistant 
Ecologist, Lakes and the Garden's Curator of Aquatics to maintain these new 
shoreline plantings.  Typical work responsibilities for this position include 
removal of weedy/invasive plant and algae species, replanting due to plant 
mortality or herbivory, and other maintenance activities to support robust 
plant communities and aesthetic shoreline conditions.  Staff in this position 
are provided with an exceptional opportunity to learn identification of 240 
taxa of native wetland plants while gaining a better understanding of lake 
shoreline erosion control strategies and shoreline ecology. Employees also have 
the opportunity to participate in several training and mentoring programs 
provided by the Garden’s distinguished staff of conservation scientists.

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