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Call for Panellists: Brexit Futures Roundtable Discussion

7th Nordic Geographers Meeting 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, June 18th–21st 2017

Conveners: Dr Kathy Burrell, Dept. of Geography and Planning, University of 
Liverpool and Dr Sarah M Hall, Dept. of Geography, University of Manchester

Since the referendum result for ‘Brexit’ in June 2016, the UK has entered a 
period of potentially seismic change. While most obviously this threatens to 
reconfigure the UK’s relationship with the rest of the European Union and 
European mobility regimes, the political and economic restructuring that Brexit 
is likely to entail brings with it many other possible and equally fundamental 

There is a sense of history in the making in front of us – the question is how 
this history will unfold, how well we are going to be able to understand it, 
and how attentive we are going to be to how it plays out in people’s lived 

This roundtable discussion seeks to explore these possible ‘Brexit futures’, 
asking what it means for the EU and the wider continent of Europe, but also 
what it might mean for people living in the UK in their day to day lives and 
the futures they foresee in front of them.

Key questions include:
•       what does Brexit mean for mobility, and mobility equalities, within 
Europe and the EU?
•       how might Brexit impact on European imaginaries in the UK?
•       what implications are there for EU migrants in the UK – does it herald 
a new type of precarity?
•       how might Brexit be experienced socially in the UK?
•       what hidden inequalities might be revealed as a result of Brexit?
•       what does Brexit mean for an austere Europe?
•       how might Brexit be understood as something lived and experienced?
•       how might Brexit impact on the way people imagine the future – their 
own but also national and European futures?
•       how might Brexit be understood as part of a prefigurative politics?

We welcome expressions of interest from potential panel members to be emailed 
to kburr...@liverpool.ac.uk and sarah.m.h...@manchester.ac.uk by 15 December 

Please tell us what you would be able to talk about, which questions you would 
like to address or other perspectives you could bring.

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