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2nd CfP for AAG2017
Feminist Economic Geography- Encountering the subject
Sponsored by the Economic Geography Specialty Group

Inspired by the recent series of commentaries in EPA (http://bit.ly/2dt6gNQ ) 
and sessions at the 2015 AAG, this call for papers aims to develop 
conversations about feminist economic geography. In particular, the session 
seeks papers that engage with the lived realities of the economic, broadly 
defined. Examining the economic from the perspective of the worker, the 
citizen, the migrant, the parent, the student, the consumer, the artist etc.- 
the session wants to connect an attention to embodied difference to concerns 
about inequality and the practices of economic actors.

Potential topics include:

Encountering austerity and changing forms of the economic

-          Negotiating austerity

-          Responses to and experiences of precarious work

-          Coping with vulnerability in housing markets

-          Examinations of unpaid work-including interning, volunteering, care

-          Politics and actions around alternatives/ ways of surviving

-          Gendered entrepreneurship (Larner 2016)

Engaging difference

-          Gendered work and workers

-          Reproductive and domestic labour, and their connections to the 

-          Changing conceptions of the family and other social formations under 

-          Feminized labour and changing relationships to work

-          Intersectional research that moves beyond the assumption of sameness 
of economic actors, understanding 'the ways in which capital divides, rewards 
and excludes not only the case of multiple Others, but also the unmarked male 
worker' (McDowell 2016)

Experiments with theory

-          Challenges to 'what gets recognized as economic' (MacLeavy, Roberts, 
Strauss 2016)

-          Engagements with concepts of futurity, hedging, cruel optimism, 
becoming, precariousness etc.

-          Ways to '"decolonize" or "post-colonize" economic geography' 
(Winders 2016)

Please send abstracts (200 words) and your AAG PIN to Nancy Worth 
(nwo...@uwaterloo.ca<mailto:nwo...@uwaterloo.ca>) by October 25th, 2016.

Dr Nancy Worth
Department of Geography & Environmental Management
University of Waterloo
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