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session in Stockholm next year.

Call for Papers: Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM2017) (Stockholm, Sweden: June 
18th - 21st 2017)

Austerities, economic crises and neoliberalisms: experiences of children, young 
people and families

John Horton (University of Northampton, UK) Helena Pimlott-Wilson (Loughborough 
University, UK), Sarah Marie Hall (University of Manchester, UK)

Call for papers:
This paper session will explore ways in which diverse, challenging geographies 
of 'austerity', 'economic crisis' and 'neoliberalism' have affected the lives 
of children, young people and families in international contexts over the last 
decade. There is mounting evidence that these social, political and economic 
contexts are substantially transforming contemporary geographies of childhood, 
youth and family and constituting new or intensified forms of inequality. In 
this context, the session will bring together new empirical and conceptual 
papers in three thematic areas.

First, we invite submissions of research papers - including qualitative, 
quantitative and multi-methods projects - evidencing experiences of children, 
young people and families in diverse contexts of austerity, economic crisis and 
neoliberalism. The session will explore the geographically-differentiated, 
regionally-distinctive and personally-provoking nature of these experiences, 
via case studies from different states, regions, localities, cities and 
communities. We particularly seek papers which consider intersections between 
local/family geographies of austerity, economic crisis and neoliberalism and 
wider spatial/social inequalities (e.g. around age, gender, ethnicity, 
disability, social class) or contemporary geographical issues (e.g. mobilities, 
migrations, debt, finance, use of public space).

Second, we invite papers which provide new conceptual and methodological 
reflections relating to the session themes. We particularly seek papers which 
critically consider discourses of 'austerity', 'economic crisis' and 
'neoliberalism' in relation to contemporary ideas of 'childhood', 'youth' and 
'family', or which showcase new, interdisciplinary methodological tools for 
exploring and analysing new geographies and inequalities in this context.

Third, the session we invite papers exploring the involvement of children, 
young people and families in practices which contest, or offer alternatives to, 
geographies of 'austerity', 'economic crisis' and 'neoliberalism'.

Please submit abstracts (no longer than 300 words) by December 10th 2016 to:
John Horton ( Helena Pimlott-Wilson 
( Sarah Marie Hall (

Dr Sarah Marie Hall
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Financial Crisis: Getting By in the Recent Economic Recession',Journal of 
Economic Geography, 16(2): 305-330.

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