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Call for papers

5th Global Conference of Economic Geography (GCEG) Cologne, July 24-28, 2018

Journal Session: *Universities and their contribution to innovation, growth and development at the regional level**
*Sponsored by: Review of Regional Research (Spinger)
The papers presented in the session will be submitted for a Special Issue in Review of Regional Research appearing in October 2018

Session organizers:
Thomas Brenner, Philipps-Universität Marburg (thomas.bren...@uni-marburg.de)
Daniel Schiller, Universität Greifswald (daniel.schil...@uni-greifswald.de)

Session topic:

In recent years universities have changed with regard to their character, organisation and tasks they are expected to fulfil, not only in continental Europe, but also in emerging economies. Organisation has become more centralised and more oriented towards efficiency and excellence. In the context of these changes, universities are nowadays expected to provide more than scientific publications and graduates. Their so-called “third mission” is based on widespread interaction with the economy, policy makers and the society. This also includes a stronger interaction within the region. As a consequence, an increasing contribution to innovation, economic growth, structural change, and societal development is expected at the regional level.

The session provides a platform to present and discuss theoretical and empirical studies of such regional contributions and impacts of universities. Contributions to the following issues, among others, are welcome:
- Universities’ impact on regional growth
- Regional co-evolution of private and public research
- Regional collaboration between industry and science
- Interaction between regional policy and universities
- Regional impact of the transformation of the university education system in Europe
- Universities and regional development in the Global South
- New governance models for regional engagement of universities
- Interaction between universities and the regional society
- Universities and sustainable regional development

Abstract submission is now open (until March 15, 2018):



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