Hello everyone:

I am in a bit of a bind here that is unprecedented for me. In the past,
when I had taught "Economic Geography" with that title or with a related
title for another course, I always had small enough class sizes to have
students write essays and so forth. The textbooks that I have used have not
had instructor resources for test banks. However, I always managed by
assigning essay-based exams and various writing assignments, thus negating
the need for objective-style examination questions.

Yet, much to my surprise, I am dealing with an extremely large number of
students this semester.

Can anyone direct me to the following:

1) Objective-based questions (i.e., a test bank) for economic geography as
an upper-level, undergraduate course, that I can access online?

2) If my request necessitates accessing a particular text book that has
great instructor resources toward this end, could someone please direct me

Now, I know in the past that it is easy to get a desk copy of a text, even
if one does not adopt it for a given course. However, how would one obtain
access to a database? I feel it is too late (given that the Spring 2018
semester has started this week) to adopt a new textbook just to access
online resources.

I MUST best utilize my time, as having taught writing-intensive courses,
new courses, etc., has slowed down my progression in my PhD program in
Geography. That's fine, but I must streamline my time this semester and
thus, I have no other choice but to assess student learning via objective
based exams.

Any help, direction, guidance, etc., would be greatly appreciated! Economic
Geography is rather marginalized where I am, so I am on my own here to
navigate the system to access such resources.

Thank you very  much for any assistance toward this end!!!


Matt McKay

Department of Geography, University of Florida

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> *Announcing the AAG Economic Geography Specialty Group 2018 Student Award
> Competitions*
> The AAG Economic Geography Specialty Group makes *three* annual awards in
> economic geography, with the results announced each year at the AAG
> Annual Meeting <http://www.aag.org/cs/annualmeeting> (in New Orleans
> April 10-14).
> *Graduate Student Research Award (deadline: 2 March 2018)*
> This competitive award ($750) is designed to support innovative and
> original graduate student research that is likely to make a significant
> contribution to the development of the field of economic geography.
> Proposals will be judged on the basis of the theoretical and substantive
> significance of the research, and the appropriateness of the methods
> employed. Funds can be used towards travel, subsistence, equipment and/or
> other normal research expenses. Applications should include (a) a one-page
> vita, with full contact details, (b) a two-page statement, detailing the
> nature of the proposed research and its expected contribution, and (c) a
> one page provisional budget, detailing the uses to which award funds would
> be put. Awardees must be registered graduate students throughout the
> duration of the award.
> Two EGSG Board members will review the applications and make a
> recommendation to the EGSG Board. Please send your submission, in PDF
> format, to Abigail Cooke at amco...@buffalo.edu.
> *Best Dissertation (deadline: 2 March 2018)*
> Students completing a PhD dissertation in the preceding calendar year
> (2017), are eligible for the best dissertation competition. An award of
> $500 is offered for the best dissertation. Please note that the
> dissertation must be dated 2017 to be eligible for this year's award.
> Two EGSG Board members will review the applications and make a
> recommendation to the EGSG Board. Please send your dissertation, in PDF
> format, to Peter Kedron at pked...@okstate.edu.
> *Best Student Paper (deadline: 2 March 2018) *
> Students presenting a paper at the AAG annual conference (or who presented
> a paper any time in the 12 months preceding the 2018 conference) are
> eligible for the best student paper competition. An award of $200 is
> offered for the best student paper. Papers should be in English, and no
> longer than 15 pages double-spaced in 12-point font (including explanatory
> footnotes/endnotes, but excluding references, figures and tables) with an
> additional 100-200 word abstract. And yes, you can submit your planned
> paper for the 2018 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, but it obviously has to
> be written ahead of time!
> Two EGSG Board members will review the submitted papers and make a
> recommendation to the EGSG Board. Please send your submission, in PDF
> format, to Kean Fan Lim at keanfan....@nottingham.ac.uk.
> Good luck everyone!
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