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Business services in financial globalisation
Fifth Global Conference on Economic Geography 2018
Cologne, Germany, 24-28 July 2018)
Session Chair: James Faulconbridge (Lancaster University) 
Co-Chair: Karen Lai (National University of Singapore)
Work on financial geography recognises the important ‘compact’ between financial services and advanced business services (ABS; such as accountancy, law and management consultancy). Put simply, financial globalization is not possible without this finance-ABS nexus. Yet in recent years the work that business services do within financial globalisation processes has been given less attention than the work of financial institutions themselves. Illustrative of this is the way the growth in interest in theorizing markets has occurred with limited concern for the role of ABS. In this session we seek to extend discussion of the work that business services do in financial globalisation. We are particularly interested in understanding the relationships between financial institutions and other business services, the flows of people, knowledge and market-making devices between these sectors, and the material and institutional effects of the work of business services in the production of global financial architectures. Studies outside of the Anglo-American sphere are especially welcome.
We welcome paper that might address topics such as:
·       The nature of relationships between financial institutions and  ABS and the way these ‘lubricate’ or enable financial globalisation
·       The role of ABS in financialization, markets and/or financial crises
·       The work of ABS in the creation of global financial architectures
·       The significance of ABS activities in reproducing institutional contexts and varieties of capitalism
·       The maturation of ABS firms in Asia-pacific and interactions between Anglo-Saxon global business services and Asian business services firms
·       The way technology is changing the role of business services in financial globalisation (including but not limited to FinTech)
Please submit your abstract at https://www.gceg2018.com/nc/call-for-sessions-and-papers/submit-an-abstract.html and select this session (‘Business services in financial globalisation’) as your session choice, from now until 15 March 2018. We will finalise acceptance of abstracts before the end of March 2018.
For queries or expressions of interest, please contact:
- James Faulconbridge (j.faulconbri...@lancaster.ac.uk)
- Karen Lai (karen...@nus.edu.sg)

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