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Materiality in Economic Geography
Global Conference on Economic Geography

July 24 – 28, 2018, University of Cologne
Susann Schäfer (University of Jena)
Fabian Faller (Kiel University)
Call for papers
The debate on conceptualizations and methodologies of the ‘material’ in human 
geographical research is one of the current ontological and epistemological 
issues in the field (Bakker und Bridge 2016; Gibson 2015). Economic geography 
experienced an import of social theories which consider materiality as an 
important element in the constitution of the social and economic world (e.g., 
practice theories, Actor-Network-Theory, assemblage theory). For example, 
practice theorists refer to practice-arrangement bundles (Schatzki 1996), 
Actor-Network-Theory uses the notion of the non-human actor (Latour 2005), and 
assemblage theory considers objects (Landa 2006). Consequently, it is an 
important question how materiality can be translated into economic geographical 
research, and whether and how paradigms and theories in economic geography 
(e.g. Evolutionary Economic Geography, Relational Economic Geography, 
Institutional Economic Geography, Global Production Networks, cluster research, 
regional development) can benefit from this extended perspective. In order to 
discuss conceptualizations of materiality in the context of economic geography 
and their implementations, the organizers invite both theoretical and empirical 

Please submit your abstract through the conference website between November 
15th 2017 and March 15th 2018: https://www.gceg2018.com. For further inquiry 
feel free to contact Susann Schäfer (susann.schae...@uni-jena.de) or Fabian 
Faller (fal...@geographie.uni-kiel.de).

Bakker, Karen; Bridge, Gavin (2016): Material worlds? Resource geographies and 
the ’matter of nature'. In: Progress in Human Geography 30 (1), S. 5–27. DOI: 
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Process Underpin the Path-dependent Evolution of Contemporary Craft Production. 
In: Economic Geography 92 (1), S. 61–86. DOI: 10.1080/00130095.2015.1092211.
Landa, Manuel de (2006): A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and 
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lectures in management studies).
Schatzki (1996): Social Practices: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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