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Global Conference on Economic Geography, July 24-28, 2018 Cologne 


Evolutionary approaches in the economic geographies of tourism:
State-of-the-art and new avenues for research

Marius Mayer, Patrick Brouder

(Greifswald and Vancouver)


In recent years, theories, concepts and approaches from the emerging
field of evolutionary economic geography (EEG) (Boschma & Martin,
2010) have been transferred and applied to a tourism geography context
(see Brouder et al., 2017 and Brouder 2014 for an overview). These
contributions provide a vital push for the sub-field of the economic
geography of tourism which usually is not so prominently represented
in the community compared to other topics (e.g. geographies of
knowledge and innovation, high-tech industries). We argue that
evolutionary approaches can considerably enhance our understanding of
crucial tourism research topics like the development of destinations
or the networks of tourism businesses as tourism is a constantly
evolving, highly dynamic and often volatile sector. For instance, EEG
approaches can provide a more theoretically sound explanation for
Butler’s (1980) well-known destination area life cycle by referring
to institutional and entrepreneurial elements such as lock-in and
creative destruction instead of just the limits of destination
carrying capacities.


This session aims to provide a forum to present and discuss the recent
theoretical and empirical progress in the field and welcomes
contributions, among others, on the following:

        * ·       Co-evolution in tourism
        * ·       Path-dependency, -creation and -plasticity in
tourism destinations and enterprises
        * ·       Methodological considerations about the
operationalization of EEG approaches in tourism research
        * ·       Critical discussions about the achieved progress and
gained insights 
        * ·       Insights for EEG approaches drawn from tourism
        * ·       Political economy implications for EEG and tourism

Please submit a 250-words abstract online through the conference
website between November 15th 2017 and March 15th 2018:



Boschma, R., & Martin, R. (2010). _The handbook of evolutionary
economic geography_, 3-39. Edward Elgar.

Brouder, P. (2014). Evolutionary economic geography and tourism
studies: Extant studies and future research directions. _Tourism
Geographies_, _16_(4), 540-545.

Brouder, P., Clavé, S. A., Gill, A., & Ioannides, D. (Eds.).
(2017). _Tourism destination evolution_. Routledge.


Contact details for session chairs


Dr Marius Mayer

Juniorprofessor for Economic Geography and Tourism

Institute for Geography and Geology

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald

Makarenkostraße 22

17487 Greifswald, Germany


Phone +49 3834 420 4533


Dr Patrick Brouder

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Geography

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, BC, Canada

patrick_brou...@sfu.ca [1]

Phone +1 604 219 1734 

[1] mailto:patrick_brou...@sfu.ca

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