3rd Workshop of the Young Economic Geographers Network (YEGN)

“Unequal Contours of Development in the Global South”

20th - 22nd of July, University of Cologne, Germany


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We extend the deadline for the 3rd Young Economic Geographers Network (YEGN) 
workshop. Abstracts can be submitted until 31st of March, 2018. If you want to 
join the workshop just as a participant without presentation please register as 



We are glad to announce the 3rd Young Economic Geographers Network (YEGN) 
workshop with the title “Unequal Contours of Development in the Global South”, 
taking place on July 20-22 in Lindlar (nearby Cologne). Date and location are 
conveniently aligned to this year’s Global Conference on Economic Geography 
(GCEG) at the University of Cologne.



In the last two decades, increasing flows of trade, FDI, and people from, 
between and to countries of the Global South have altered the shape of the 
global economy remarkably. Emerging MNEs, the offshoring of R&D activities to 
emerging economies, and the rising power of the BRICS states in the global 
economy are only some expressions of that trend. Complementarily to this 
development, inter- and intraregional disparities emerge constantly in the 
Global South. This increasing participation has led to enclave spaces, uneven 
regional dynamics and unbalanced wealth distributions between and within 
countries. Against this background, economic geographers can provide valuable 
insights into these issues across different units of analysis (e.g. households, 
firms, regions) which this workshop aims to provide a platform for. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

*         South-South linkages, emerging MNEs and shifting end markets 

*         Globalization and regional development

*         Regional perspectives on innovation 

*         Institutional change, competitiveness and regional growth

*         Economic geography in the context of social and environmental change


About YEGN

The YEGN workshop was initiated by PhD students from the University of Bern and 
Umeå. YEGN creates a space for young scholars in economic geography and closely 
related disciplines to present and discuss their work and ideas with peers. We 
especially aim to bring together PhD-students in different phases of their 
dissertation and from various national backgrounds to inspire a fruitful 
exchange of ideas. 


Deadline for Submissions

We invite PhD students from economic geography and related disciplines to 
submit no more than 250 word abstracts on the planned presentation by March 31, 
2018.  Accepted presenters will be notified by the end of March. Although no 
full papers are required, presenters are expected to present well-grounded 
conceptual ideas and at least preliminary results. Please send your abstracts 
to  <mailto:yegn2018-colo...@uni-koeln.de> yegn2018-colo...@uni-koeln.de   



The YEGN-workshop is funded generously by the ABC/J-Geoverbund and the Graduate 
School of Geoscience, University of Cologne. Therefore, the respective costs 
will be not more than 80€ per person. The exact costs will be announced until 
Mid of April. For further information please visit  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Cologne,


Moritz Breul, Thomas Neise and Jöran Wrana


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