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KU Leuven, the University of Leuven, in Belgium is looking for a Big Data
Geographer. This is a new position (rather than replacing an existing one)
to strengthen the Division of Geography & Tourism. This is an open rank
position, implying that it can be filled at the assistant, associate or
full professor level, depending on qualifications, experience, etc. The
tenure-system, although uniquely Flemish, is more comparable to the U.S.
than to the U.K. system. At whatever rank a candidate is hired, it is
important that the new faculty member is willing and able to build up and
lead their own research group.

Both the discipline of geography and the university at large consistently
rank among the top 50 global departments/universities. KU Leuven is not
only a research-intenstive university but also offers affordable bachelor's
and master's programmes in Dutch and English. The master's programmes of
our department (Geography, Tourism, Sustainable Territorial Development)
have annual tuition fees of EUR900 to EUR3500. For non-Dutch speaking
candidates it is possible to teach in English during the first years, but
the candidate is expected to learn Dutch so s/he will be able to teach in
both Dutch and English in the future and participate in admin/management
meetings. The university offers courses to improve Dutch or English
language skills.

More info here:

At the bottom of the ad, you will find the information of the chair of the
Division of Geography & Tourism and the chair of the inter-faculty
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences. They will both be members of
the hiring committee. If you have more informal questions, you can e-mail
me. (I am not part of the hiring committee.)

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Manuel B. Aalbers, Ph.D.

KU Leuven / University of Leuven

Department of Geography & Tourism

Celestijnenlaan 200e -- bus 2409

3001  Heverlee


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