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In collaboration with the journals Frontiers in Sociology & Frontiers in
Public Health ( we are bringing together a selected
group of international experts to contribute to an open-access article
collection on:
*"Perspectives and Theories of Social Innovation for Ageing Population"*

Guest Editors:
Andrzej Klimczuk, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland
Łukaz Tomczyk, Pedagogical University of Kraków, Kraków, Poland

The abstract submission deadline is 27 June 2018.
The manuscript submission deadline is 24 October 2018.

Visit the collection homepage for the full description of the project:

*About this Research Topic:*
In recent years we may observe increasing interest in the development of
social innovation both regarding theory as well as the practice of
responding to social problems and challenges. One of the crucial challenges
at the beginning of the 21st century is population ageing. Various new and
innovative initiatives, programs, schemes, and projects to respond to
negative consequences of this demographic process are emerging around the
world. However, social theories related to ageing are still insufficiently
combined with these new practices, social movements, organisational models,
and institutions. Many scholars are still using notions and tools from
classical theories of social gerontology or the sociology of ageing such as
disengagement theory, activity theory, and successful and productive
ageing. Such theories do not sufficiently explain ageing in the context of,
for example, a broad use of the information and communications technologies
(ICTs) including robotics and automation, new healthcare and long-term care
models, advancements in the development and governance of age-friendly
environments, and public engagement of older adults into co-production of
services delivered by public, private, non-governmental as well as
non-formal entities.

In this Research Topic we welcome papers critically evaluating the existing
social perspectives and theories in the field of ageing, introducing
innovative approaches and comparative studies. We welcome researchers from
areas such as sociology, pedagogy, public policy, economics, management,
and public health. The contributions can be based on theoretical studies as
well as the implementation of social innovation and programs addressed at
ageing and older people. Reviews and papers on philosophical and ethical
issues are also welcome.

*Keywords: *ageing, aging, older adults, older people, social gerontology,
sociology of aging, sociology of ageing, ICT, robotics, social innovation,
care, caregivers, agefriendly, public health, long-term care, healthcare,
governance, NGOs

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