Hello all, my colleague and I convening a session at this year's AGU Fall
meeting on the very broad topic of combining biogeophysical and
socioeconomic datasets and methods. We would very much welcome abstracts
covering any and all types of work on socioeconomic topics.

Session B046: Linking biogeophysical and socioeconomic processes, methods
and impacts
Physical observations and models have led to a better understanding of the
earth system. However, results drawn from physical methods might be biased
due to underrepresentation of human dimensions. Socioeconomic data can
provide critical information and insight into biogeophysical processes and
impacts. The rise in very high-resolution imagery, community-level
reporting and other fine-scale data products open new research
opportunities in connecting biophysical and socioeconomic datasets. This
session invites research topics applying new technological advancements and
unique approaches to address the interactions between socioeconomic and
biophysical processes. New products and methods that work towards
integrated understanding of ecosystem mechanisms or processes at any
temporal or spatial scale as welcome as are studies focusing on the
socioeconomic impacts of biogeophysical work.

Invited abstracts:
Becky Chaplin-Kramer, Stanford University
Brian O'Neill, NCAR

David Reed
Gabriela Shirkey
Michigan State University

Thank you very much

david reed, Michigan State University

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