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Conferences are crucial platforms to exchange and co-produce knowledge among peers. Abstract writing is one major academic practice in preparation towards a conference. The objective of the following small survey is to reflect on the (everyday) academic practice of abstract-writing. We would like to gain an insight on this practices among peers in the field of Economic Geography. The idea of that survey came up by wondering about how much influence abstracts have on the overall research process of academics in different academic positions. The abstract constitutes a checkpoint within a research process. As research is a dynamic process and concepts and framings change over a period of time (e.g. months inbetween a conference and abstract submission), it can be worthwhile to understand the interlinkages between the practice of abstract-writing and research directions.

We highly appreciate the time you take to fill in this survey! This survey might take 3-5 minutes to complete. The responses will be handled anonymously and confidently.



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An initiative of PhD students who are interested in understanding the everyday practices in our discipline

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