Abstract submission for AAG 2019 in Washington DC is now open and as you make 
your plans...

The AAG's Economic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) is happy to sponsor 
relevant sessions at the upcoming AAG conference in Washington DC (April 3 - 
April 7, 2019).

The AAG deadlines for submitting paper abstracts is October 25, 2018 and 
November 8, 2018 for organized sessions.
Please see this link for further info on deadlines and organizing sessions:

Just as a reminder (or for those new to the process), acquiring EGSG session 
sponsorship involves requesting approval of the session and registering 
sponsorship online.

Please send all session sponsorship requests to Peter Kedron (Vice Chair, 

A session title and summary description or the full CFP will do.
Please send these requests no later than November 1, 2018.

After we approve the request, the session organizer MUST then remember to check 
the box indicating EGSG sponsorship when formally registering the session via 
the AAG's conference site.

Looking forward to seeing some great sessions in Washington DC!


Jennifer Clark
Chair, Economic Geography Specialty Group, AAG

School of Public Policy
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0345 USA
tel. +1 404.385.7224
twitter: @GTCUI

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