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Annual Meetings of the American Association of Geographers
3-7 April 2019, Washington DC

Call for papers

Labour Regimes and Global Systems of Production and Reproduction
Liam Campling, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of 
Adrian Smith, School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the question of labour in 
critical human geography. In economic and development geography this has partly 
taken the form of a concern to understand the role that labour regimes play in 
the structuring, organisation and dynamics of globalised systems of production 
and reproduction. Labour regimes are seen as historically formed, multi-scalar 
phenomena resulting from the articulation of struggles over local social 
relations, often  intersecting (directly or indirectly) with the commercial 
demands of lead-firms in globalised production networks, and with the gendered 
and racialized politics of social reproduction. Drawing inspiration from a 
long-standing debate in development studies, political sociology and feminist 
political economy, the focus on labour regimes has enabled a re-invigoration of 
the "labour geography" framework which emerged in the 1990s. This set of 
sessions develops further this emerging field of intellectual enquiry by 
examining the nature, role, constitution and dynamics of and in labour regimes 
in globalising capitalism. In particular the papers in the sessions will aim to 
examine the ways in which the conjunctural and contingent formation of labour 
regimes in place matter for the organisation of global systems of production 
and reproduction.
We welcome abstracts for papers engaging with this emerging terrain, which 
might examine any of the following areas through both conceptual and empirical 
(or ideally combined) research, although this list is by no means exclusive:

*         Theorising labour regimes and global production networks

*         Labour regimes, work and social reproduction: the gendering of labour 
regimes in the world economy

*         Processes of racialisation and racial oppression in labour regimes

*         Scaling labour regimes: understanding the articulation of workplace, 
firm, local and national labour regimes

*         The state and labour regimes: contrasting political economies of 
national and local labour regimes

*         The regulation and governance of labour regimes in the world economy 
(labour provisions in trade policy and public procurement regulation; corporate 
social responsibility, codes of conduct and other forms of private ordering of 
labour, etc)

*         Historical transformations of labour regimes

*         Logistics and labour regimes in contemporary capitalism

*         Resource extraction and/or agrarian labour regimes: what difference 
does 'nature' make?

*         Labour regimes in sites of industrial production

*         Labour regimes and the intangible industries

Please submit abstracts (250 words maximum) to Adrian Smith 
(a.m.sm...@qmul.ac.uk<mailto:a.m.sm...@qmul.ac.uk>) and Liam Campling 
(l.campl...@qmul.ac.uk<mailto:l.campl...@qmul.ac.uk>) by Monday October 8, 2018.
Abstract authors will be notified by Monday October 15, 2018 and those accepted 
must complete the abstract submission and conference registration process with 
the AAG before October 25, 2018.

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