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Please consider CfP for the upcoming 8th Nordic Geographers’ Meeting (NGM) in 
Trondheim, Norway, 16-19 June 2019.
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Session: Exploring the economies of signs and space

Organizers: Johan Jansson (Uppsala University) and Atle Hauge (INN University)

Lash and Urry’s seminal work ‘Economies of Signs and Space’ has a 25 year 
anniversary. Ever since, this work has been influencing research on 
post-industrial economies in many social science disciplines, and with its 
particular focus on space their arguments has been recognized also by 
geographers. In this book  Lash and Urry argue that today's economies 
increasingly produce, circulate and consume cultural commodities, at even 
greater velocity, and how this points toward a stronger convergence between the 
economic order on the one hand and systems of cultural expression on the other. 
By focusing on ’objects which possess a substantial aesthetic component’ (such 
as music, film, literature, art, video games etc.) they show how e.g. 
aesthetic, design and semiotic input, rather than material and labor cost, make 
up an essential part of the value these products may realize. In addition, they 
argue that a consequence of the intensified circulation and flow of cultural 
commodities is an increased individual and cultural reflexivity that becomes 
vital in the interpretation and understanding of aesthetic components. 25 years 
later, these arguments still resonates with current economic trends and in 
dialogue with ‘Economies of Signs and Space,  this session wants to explore and 
discuss what is happening at the intersection where culture, creativity and 
commercialisation meet, i.e. the cultural and creative industries.  The 
symbolic value these industries rest their production processes on, is being 
converted into economic value, through the interaction and involvement of 
actors outside the traditional value chain. The cultural and creative 
industries are vital components in spaces where we are likely to find important 
and interesting innovative service interaction, and as such they are harbingers 
in this field, and by studying them, we might find trends that will materialise 
in other parts of the industry and society at later stages.

If you are interested in presenting a paper in this session please send 
abstracts of approximately 250 words to Johan Jansson 
(johan.jans...@kultgeog.uu.se<mailto:johan.jans...@kultgeog.uu.se>) or Atle 
Hauge (atle.ha...@inn.no<mailto:atle.ha...@inn.no>) by December 15, 2018. 
Authors will be notified about the status of their submission as soon as 
possible thereafter.

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