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Call for Short Stories: Our Entangled Future

*"New metaphors have the power to create a new reality."*

(Lakoff and Johnson, 1980, p. 145)

We invite both writers and researchers to submit creative short stories in
all genres for inclusion in an anthology that contributes to a new
narrative on climate change.

We call the anthology:
*Our Entangled Future - Short Stories to Empower Quantum Social Change*

We need stories that confront the limitations of a dualistic,
deterministic, and inanimate worldview and instead offer insights into a
reality that is connected, entangled, uncertain, and ripe with possibility
– a world of complementarity, non-locality, and potentiality. Recognizing
the power of language, meaning, and metaphors to create a new reality, we
are particularly interested in stories that capture the potential for
quantum social change. We are interpreting quantum social change broadly,
with a particular emphasis on the importance of metaphor and narrative. We
thus take a broad view of entanglement, ranging from physicist Karen
Barad's "generalization of a superposition to the case of more than one
particle" to the vernacular meaning of "twisted together."

To access and activate our most radical potentials as a storytelling
species, we are accepting submissions of short stories between *2,000 and
5,000 words*. We are most interested in stories that address the objectives
described here

*Process and due date*

Please submit your short story to by *February
1, 2019*. Please include a bio (maximum 100 words) and a short statement
(50 words) about how your story relates to quantum social change. Selection
of twelve to fifteen short stories will be based on a juried process.

The three most compelling stories about quantum social change will receive
awards of EUR 1000, EUR 750, and EUR 500. The most promising stories will
be edited by renowned author, editor, and writing teacher Jordan E.
Rosenfeld (

Authors will be notified of the jury's decision by April 1, 2019. We aspire
to make *Our Entangled Future* an open access publication that is
officially launched at the Transformations 2019 conference from 16-18
October in Santiago, Chile.

More information about the background and objectives for *Our Entangled
Future* can be found here
More information and resources about "quantum social change" can be found

This project is co-sponsored by the AdaptationCONNECTS research at the
Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo.

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