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Hello Economic Geographers,

We're delighted to see some really interesting CFPs for AAG 2020 in Denver
already being circulated, and we're looking forward to more!

1) AAG's Economic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) is happy to sponsor
relevant sessions at the upcoming AAG conference in Denver (April 6 - April
10, 2020). The AAG deadlines for submitting paper abstracts are October 30,
2019 and November 20, 2019 for organized sessions.

Please see this link for further info on deadlines and organizing sessions:

*To get EGSG session sponsorship* involves requesting approval of the
session and registering sponsorship online. Please send all session
sponsorship requests to Abigail Cooke (Vice Chair, EGSG):
amco...@buffalo.edu. A session title and summary description or the full
CFP will do. Please send these requests no later than November 1, 2019.
After we approve the request, the session organizer MUST then remember to
check the box indicating EGSG sponsorship when formally registering the
session via the AAG's conference site.

2) As an early reminder to students and proactive mentors - please keep in
mind that we have several competitive student awards that are presented at
the AAG meetings each year. In particular, I want to remind you all of the
new (and generously privately funded in its first years) *undergraduate
paper award*: *The JW Harrington Award*. This competition is open to
undergraduate students who identify as Black (or part of the African
Diaspora), and awards the most innovative research paper addressing
material well-being within and/or across places. The places of inquiry can
be at any scale - from neighborhoods to world regions - and any time period
- past, present, or future. Students entering this competition need not be
presenting at the 2020 AAG Meetings, thought the winner should present the
paper at the next Meeting. Please encourage students you teach to submit
their work to this competition. If you have any questions about this or any
of the competitions or want more specifics, please email me (
amco...@buffalo.edu). We'll send out a reminder on all these competitions
later in the year.

Looking forward to seeing some great sessions in Denver!



Abigail Cooke, PhD

Department of Geography, University at Buffalo

AAG EGSG Vice-Chair/Treasurer

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