Newcastle University Academic Track (NUAcT) Fellowships - 2020 call

Calling all postdoctoral and early-career researchers in Economic Geography - 
Newcastle University just announced its 2020 round of NUAcT Fellowships.  These 
offer 5 years of ring-fenced research time with a healthy research budget and 
PhD studentship to boot.  The fellowship converts to a permanent university 
lectureship after 5 years.  Given the state of the academic labour market for 
ECR colleagues, this is a superb opportunity.

The University's NuACT Fellow programme was launched in 2019, aiming to build a 
cohort of 100 NUAcT Fellows over the next 5 years.  In year 1, 22 fellows were 
appointed with geography being awarded 4 of these.  In this round, year 2, 
there are another 20 to be filled.  Fellows are asked to develop original 
programmes of work that also offer synergies with research strengths in their 
host department.  In economic geography, we are a broad church, and keen to 
engage with enthusiastic candidates working on:

*         re-imagining 'economy' beyond capitalism as usual - globalising EG, 
provincializing EG, feminising EG, digitising EG

*         geographies of financial crisis, debt and austerity, 
financialisation, inclusive finance, alternative finance

*         labour geography, gendered work-lives, digital work futures, social 
reproduction, life's work, gig economy, labour platforms

*         ethical consumption, global production networks, value chains

*         inclusive growth and governance of local, regional and urban 
development, smart cities

*         evolutionary economic geographies, industrial adaptation, path 

*         methods, techniques and data for mapping, representing and 
visualising geographies of economy

*         geographical dimensions of economic, social and environmental crisis 
and sustainability

*         sustaining economies, powering economies, renewable energy systems, 
hydrogen economies


The deadline for NuAcT applications is 6th March 2020.

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