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Dear RSA Community, Friends and Colleagues,
Many of us currently work from home with limited interactions to the outside 
world, which in turn significantly limits the possibility for knowledge 
exchange and critical debates that are so important for scientist, researchers 
and practitioners, perhaps now more so than ever.  In light of these 
developments, the Regional Studies Association (RSA) Board decided that it will 
take extra measures to support the membership and wider global RSA community 
via two newly set up webinar series: A Regions Cities Industry Webinar Series 
and a “How to” Professional Development Webinar Series.
We hope you will take advantage and enjoy our RSA webinar series and until I 
meet you there, please stay safe and healthy.
Dieter F. Kogler
(RSA Board Member – Events & Conferences)
Regions Cities Industry Webinar Series
Global megatrends are transforming the way we live, work, interact, finance, 
produce and consume. At the same time, the increasing environmental impacts of 
human activities have sharpened the focus on sustainability of further 
development. New technologies potentially provide an opportunity to address, 
perhaps for the first time in the history of mankind, a substantial majority of 
the fundamental societal challenges, from nutrition, energy availability and 
sustainability, to access to products, services and information. However, these 
same global megatrends can also be highly divisive and therefore represent one 
of the biggest challenges for a global social, political and economic cohesion 
and even peaceful coexistence in more than a generation. In addition, we have 
newly remembered our global vulnerability to shocks such as the coronavirus and 
there can be no doubt that this will change the world in which we live 
prompting new questions and new priorities.
This RSA Webinar Series will present acclaimed researchers and policymakers 
addressing these questions.
Open to all and free to attend, this webinar series aims to bring experts in 
the field of regional studies, science and policy to you. The webinar can be 
watched live but will also be available on demand. The webinars will run live 
once a month and feature researcher and policymaker experts. They include time 
for discussion, questions and comments.
Forthcoming Webinars in this Series:
Regional Studies Journals Annual Lecture
Regional Worlds: From Related Variety in Regional Diversification to Strategic 
Coupling in Global Production 
29th April 2020, 7am EDT, 12 noon BST, 1pm CET, 7pm SGT
Chair/ Introduction: Prof. Jennifer Clark, The Ohio State University, USA
Speaker: Prof. Henry Wai-chung Yeung, National University of Singapore, 
Discussant: Prof. Andres Rodriguez-Pose, London School of Economics, UK
The recent literature in regional studies has at least two influential but 
parallel tracks. In the evolutionary economic geography (EEG) track, much has 
been written on and debated about knowledge and innovation in regional path 
development and the role of related variety in regional diversification. In the 
second and relatively smaller strand of literature linked to the global 
production networks (GPN) approach, researchers are concerned with how regional 
actors and assets can be strategically coupled with the competitive dynamics of 
global production networks. This lecture intends to serve as an initial and 
sympathetic attempt to pave a “sidetrack” to connect these two parallel strands 
that can enable researchers on both tracks to engage more explicitly with each 
other. To do so, I offer a reconceptualization of “regional worlds” as a 
central concept in regional studies. I argue that both strands of literature 
are premised on their different conceptions of “regional worlds” of innovation 
and production – a more endogenous view of regions as “specialized worlds” of 
production in the EEG track and a more relational view of regions as 
“interconnected worlds” of production in the GPN literature. Extending further 
Boschma’s (2017) Regional Studies annual lecture, I believe this 
reconceptualization of “regional worlds” can allow analytically the possibility 
of strategic coupling with GPNs as a new form of related variety in regional 
diversification by highlighting the importance of extra-local/regional linkages 
and network dynamics. By relating related variety to strategic coupling, this 
view can potentially reconcile the coexistence of endogenous and exogenous 
sources of regional transformation. I will end the lecture with some future 
agenda for theory and practice in regional studies.
To register, please go to 
 After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing 
information about joining the webinar.
“Nothing new under the 
How the past informs today’s policy responses: Crisis and (missed) 
27th May 2020, 12 noon CET, 11am BST
Presentations and discussions in this webinar will analyse how history has 
shaped arguments in regional development and policy, the context for debate and 
provides reflections on what might be useful avenues for research looking 
Chair: Prof. Simona Iammarino, LSE, UK
Speakers: Dr Joaquim Oliveira Martins, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, 
Regions and Cities, France
Prof. Elisa Giuliani, University of Pisa, Italy
Dr Sergio Petralia, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
To register, please go to 
JUNE – To be announced
JULY- To be announced
Professional Development Webinar Series
This new webinar series offers RSA members training and support for skills, 
knowledge and professional development on a variety of topics. Run by experts 
in their field, this ‘how to’ professional development webinar series aims to 
support RSA members at different career stages and from different geographies.
Each webinar will be 30 minutes long, feature one or two presenters and allow 
for live questions and answers. We will run weekly webinars on topics of 
interest members have told us they would like support on.
This webinar series will run weekly from 6th May 2020.
To register, please go to 
Webinar Series archive
Past webinars from both series will be available on demand to RSA members via 
the RSA Members’ Lounge.We welcome new members to the RSA. More information on 
membership benefits and how to join the Association can be found at 
The Regional Studies Association (RSA) is a learned society and membership 
organisation bringing together academics and policymakers working in regional 
research, development and policy. The RSA publishes five journals, two book 
series, an online magazine and 
 funds research and awards 
 in the field, delivers knowledge exchange and provides networking 
opportunities and 
 for the global regional studies and wider community. More on the RSA at 

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