trying to test tpm support on a new motherboard we are evaluating.
I've been able to install trousers and test it by using tpm_sealdata
to encrypt a test file but after configuring ecryptfs with the
--enable-tspi option and making and installing it, when I try to
generate a key using ecrypt-generate-tpm-key -p 1 I get the following
error.  It doesnt challenge for the owner or srk passwords, just
immediatly throws the error.

ecryptfs_generate_tpm_key.c:235: Error: Tspi_Key_CreateKey failed:
Authentication failed

This is on rhel 5.2 with kernel 2.6.18-92.   messages shows nothing
useful and I dont see an arguement to ecrypt-generate-tpm-key to make
it more verbose..  I've gotten the same result with ecrypt 46 and
ecrypt 41 which was installed by default and was the version I
successfully tested previously(after some troubleshooting) on some
other hardware.

Any advice???

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