Edbrowse version 3.7.0 is here!  You can get it from GitHub, as usual;
here is a direct link.
https://github.com/CMB/edbrowse/archive/v3.7.0.zip (zip archive)
If you'd rather have a .tar.gz, just replace .zip with .tar.gz in that
URL.  Here is the list of significant changes in this release:

Switch from Mozilla js to Duktape js.

Mask password fields on input forms with stars, as other browsers do.
Issue the ipass command to enter a password without echo.

Curl authorization negotiations enabled or disabled via the can toggle command.
This is a workaround for problems with NTLM.

Parallel instances of edbrowse don't clobber each other's cookies when they 
exit and write the common cookie jar.
See mergeCookies() in cookies.c.
curl does not become active until you need it.

Environment variable JSGC forces duktape garbage collection after every script.
Environment variable JS1 keeps edbrowse and js in one process.
These are for development and testing, and could go away.

Clean up compiler warnings so we can use the -Wall flag.

The biggest change is the switch from Mozilla JS to Duktape.  People who
package edbrowse for Linux distributions will need to update their
packages accordingly.  Thanks Karl for doing this conversion!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank a new contributor,
Dominique Martinet, for notable contributions to this release.

-- Chris
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