I changed the default behavior to 1 process; if you still want 2 processes then 
export JS2=on. (Though this option may go away some day.)
I felt a little better about doing this because ^c is pretty good at 
interrupting real world javascript now.
(Adam's well founded concern about js locking up all of edbrowse.)
It won't stop  while(true); but it will stop js that calls our native 
functions, innerHTML, createElement, appendChild, etc,
and also stops http fetch, which could be stuck for any number of reasons, like 
the internet is down.
Curl has its own timeouts for fetching data, but they're long, and js could 
fetch one script after another after another, sometimes as many as 20, so if 
the curl timeout is 30 seconds you're looking at ten minutes.
Best if we interrupt the procedure at a higher level.
The page still browses, and you can still interact with the html, and even 
Unlike the previous model, js is still there, it hasn't gone away.
It's a controlled interrupt.
But all sorts of functions may not be there, because js didn't finish.
Don't interrupt a browse and then use the page for something vital like 
Anyways give it a try on any site that's really slow.

Karl Dahlke
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