Hi Karl

I am excited about all the improvements, and have not scratched the surface of the immediate evaluation changes yet! I read your recent narratives about what has been going on.

I would definitely take advantage of anything you are considering adding to jdb. Things that result in a lot of retyping or copying and pasting include...

- The new is the same as the old, but you want to add another piece of traversal on the end


- Wrapping ok around your last thing, which you mentioned

- Needing to enumerate a small series of indices. And the dynamic bit may be in the middle of a static bit that recurs like

x1 = document.forms[0].action
x2 = document.forms[1].action
x3 = document.forms[2].action

Maybe I know that one of the 3 forms is the main one, but there is also a "search" box in the page's header. So I have to enumerate bits and pieces to get my bearings.

JDB is javascript after all, so some of this can be done by entering little JS expressions. But access to the last command, or to the recent history, would be excellent.
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