Thanks for the new commands!

I have not scratched the surface of the new diagnostics yet.

Question for Karl about the new CSS code. Can this be called on short inline CSS strings as well as entire files?

Sorry if we addressed this in the past. It seems familiar. Oh well, it doesn't matter.

This scenario is the cause of one of the frequent runtimes:

p = document.createElement("p")
literalCSS = "my-attribute:12345" = literalCSS'4')

It's pseudocode but the point is that it expects my-attribute to have been converted into a literal myAttribute string which has the string functions.

And you do the inline conversion in cssApply, but I can't quite tell if cssApply or dostyle is available a la carte. I'd like to reuse your work that carves up the rules, but I don't need to run either of the gather routines. Just something like..

mw0.CSSStyleDeclaration.prototype.cssText = function(t) {
// call cssApply and attach the converted n-v pair to 'this'


PS, I found out the practical reason for this case conversion!
It's to prevent hyphens from being interpreted as subtraction in javascript. So this is a similar issue to hyphens in event names, and the reason why we switched from the dot notation to the bracket notation in the events code. It hadn't clicked for me before that there is actually a point to the conversion into mixedCase.
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