I read about DOMContentLoaded on the internet.

It's good that we're encountering this. You definitely find it a lot in various pages' JS files. The fact that it would fire once suggests to me that it is part of the set that runs like a function. I had what I thought was a possible "aha" type of observation about the two event systems during the previous thread about events. But then I was wrong about "on" so I don't know if I'm on to something or not here, BUT: I think the ones that are handcrafted functions tend to be the ones that run a small number of times and you know in advance what they are. The ones that might be doled out dynamically and have new, made-up names that don't hew to a metaphor the way click does, are not going to be the ones that run like a function, because you don't know at compile time what they are. Based on this breakdown, DOMContentLoaded is probably "on the order of," same kind of animal as, onclick and onload. Older, more established, a hardcoded name, a fixed job that it does related to DOM. That's my educated guess.
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