This series adds support for using the Intel BDS with ArmVExpress-FVP,
and for building it with UEFI Secure Boot enabled.

Note that the former is a prerequisite of the latter, since the ARM BDS
has no GUI for enrolling certificates and enabling secure boot.

Patch #1 removes the PlatformIntelBdsLIb dependency on BdsLib, which is
ARM BDS specific. (This patch has been sent out before as an RFC, and
reviewed by Laszlo, but I had to add a 'Status = EFI_SUCCESS;' to
GetConsoleDevicePathFromVariable () to fix a RELEASE build error, so
I dropped the R-b)

Patch #2 fixes a bug in some debug code that clobbers a EFI_STATUS var
in the error path that is supposed to report it to the user.

Patch #3 adds quiet boot/splash screen support to our PlatformIntelBdsLib

Patch #4 enables the Intel BDS build of ArmVExpress-FVP, by introducing
a define 'USE_ARM_BDS' which defaults to TRUE but can be disabled on the
build command line to use the Intel BDS instead.

Patch #5 enables the Secure Boot build of ArmVExpress-FVP, by introducing
a define 'SECURE_BOOT_ENABLE' which defaults to FALSE but can be enabled
on the build command line.

Ard Biesheuvel (5):
  ArmPlatformPkg/PlatformIntelBdsLib: remove ARM BDS dependency
  ArmPlatformPkg/PlatformIntelBdsLib: fix error handling
  ArmPlatformPkg/PlatformIntelBdsLib: add splash screen support
  ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg: add support for the Intel BDS
  ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg: enable UEFI Secure Boot

 ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg/ArmVExpress-FVP-AArch64.dsc          | 18 
 ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg/ArmVExpress-FVP-AArch64.fdf          | 20 
 ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg/                  | 40 
 ArmPlatformPkg/Library/PlatformIntelBdsLib/IntelBdsPlatform.c      | 36 
 ArmPlatformPkg/Library/PlatformIntelBdsLib/IntelBdsPlatform.h      |  1 -
 ArmPlatformPkg/Library/PlatformIntelBdsLib/PlatformIntelBdsLib.inf |  2 +-
 6 files changed, 104 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)


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