Hello Tianocore Community!

It's been a few weeks since my last update, or rather introductions, into the 
community.  It's time for a sync.  As always the goal is to be transparent with 
how we work as a community, and with that in mind here are some updates to 
provide to you all.

I. Defect & Issue Tracking

As you may have read on the list, we're going to move towards having a Bugzilla 
system in place for us to track work items, defects, and features asks.  This 
is part of a broader plan that we'll roll out and discuss regarding how we 
improve the Tianocore program cadence, and how improve the quality of our code. 
 But for now, the update is that we're moving forward with a Bugzilla server.  
Unfortunately, that server is inside of Intel's firewall, and I'm working to 
get it on the DMZ so that the community can poke at it, provide feedback, and 
we can iterate before going live.  

There are several topics we're investigating, and your input is appreciated:
        * Considering tying the Bugzilla login to GitHub using GitHub as the 
provider.  This would mean that anyone wishing to submit an item into BZ would 
require a GitHub account.
        * Requirements from the previous exchange on this list about the need 
for groups in general to protect sensitive issues that may be filed. (e.g. 
        * And we're going to consider adding a test repository along with the 
ability to link issues with test cases.

The next steps are fluid at the moment, but I promise an update in the next few 
weeks.  I will be providing an update by the end of the month.

II. Governance

We're naming three individuals who will act as Tianocore stewards.  These three 
individuals and I will work with the community to facilitate design 
conversations, carry through difficult decisions, and in general as their name 
suggest offer "stewardship" of the code.  I'm happy to announce that:
* Andrew Fish (Apple)
* Leif Lindholm (Linaro)
* Mike Kinney (Intel)

Are our first set of folks who will be acting in this role.  We'll be rolling 
out more details soon on their specific functions and duty, but for now I 
wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this change.   We're going to be 
rolling out several areas of focus for the community, which will also include 
improved codification of the edk2 development process.

III. Staging Area

Along with an announcement in governance, we've made a decision to offer up a 
standing repository so that the community can prototype, validate, and 
otherwise experiment with features before they get rolled into the main EDK2 
trunk.  Please review the follow-up email (sent separately) to comment on the 
process.  We'll also add it to the wiki after initial comments.


PS. I'll be uploading these into the wiki as time goes on for these updates.

Tony Mangefeste
Intel Corporation
Community Technology Lead
Tianocore Community Manager
g+: https://goo.gl/l5B5JH
t: @tonymangefeste

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