This protocol is edk2 implement protocol. We have no plan to propose it to 
UEFI spec. Its EFI_ prefix is history reason. To avoid the incompatible change, 
we don't change its definition. But for any new introduced protocol, we will 
insist on this rule without EFI_ prefix. 

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> included in UDK code but not part of the spec
> The protocol EFI_FORM_BROWSER_EXTENSION_PROTOCOL is defined in
> MdeModulePkg\Include\Protocol\FormBrowserEx.h with EFI_ prefix
> although it is not part of the UEFI spec.
> (It was added by Intel - Liming - in Sep 2011)
> IMHO it should be added to the UEFI spec otherwise it should not use the
> EFI_ prefix.
> Boaz
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