There is an effort to move these tools to EDK II. More news as it happens.

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On 10/12/2016 10:34 AM, GN Keshava wrote:
> Thanks Laszlo, I'll check it out.
> I think I need to combine the LS implementation and RM implementation, 
> isn't it? So there is no "format this volume" function or command 
> exists, right?

The commands do exist. But they're not in Tianocore, and have non-BSD license, 
owned by Intel not UEFI Forum.

But the license is not BSD. It even has a password-protected ZIP, making you 
read the outer zip's readme for the password.

I presume whoever wrote this code at Intel may've read the sources to the 
Microsoft FAT Windows file system code, thus the harsh license.

But now that Microsoft has relicensed the UEFI FAT FS driver, has anyone 
considered relicense the code to these tools too?

(former Microsoft file system PM)

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