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And I agree that this should be the behavior. I was surprised by the lack of 
translation for the other string printed via %s.


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  The first parameter in AsciiPrint() is the Format string. Per PrintLib.h 
definition, \n will be changed to \r\n in the format string. 

The following end of line(EOL) translations must be performed on the contents 
of the format string:
     - '\\r' is translated to '\\r'
     - '\\r\\n' is translated to '\\r\\n'
     - '\\n' is translated to '\\r\\n' 
     - '\\n\\r' is translated to '\\r\\n'

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Subject: [edk2] AsciiPrint behavior with \n linefeed characters.

In using AsciiPrint (I'm presuming the behavior is also in Print, but I haven't 
tested), I found an interesting behavior for linefeed characters embedded in 
strings that are parameters. I post it here just so people who are mystified by 
their output can understand it.

Consider this example:

CONST CHAR16 *XyzStr = "HI\nBYE";

AsciiPrint("Offset\n%s\n", XyzStr);

Output looks like this:


It turns out that \n characters in the format string are converted to \r\n, but 
\n characters in strings that are embedded (as in the second example) are not 
converted. So only the linefeed character is interpreted, leading to "BYE" 
being suspended one character to the right and one row lower than "HI"
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